The text displayed in TSplus is contained in the file lang**.ini

located at C:\Program Files (x86)\TSplus\UserDesktop\files

Example for italian language : langit.ini

Example for french language : langfr.ini

The part regarding the HTML top menu text is located in section [V9], keys m400 to m406.

The langage setting used by TSplus is contained in the file AppControl.ini

located at C:\Program Files (x86)\TSplus\UserDesktop\files

You will find this part : 


You can change it to another language such as Italian, like this:


If you want to keep the english text for everything BUT want to have italian text in the HTML top menu language:

- keep lang=languk.ini in the AppControl.ini

- and change the text in languk.ini at section [V9], keys m400 to m406.

Then save, 

reboot the web server in the AdminTool 

and check the information displayed in the web top menu.

Any modification will be overwritten when updating TSplus, meaning you might need to re-do the change each time you update TSplus.