After installing TSplus, you immediately have a black screen when you try to log in.

Check if you have the following error in the Windows event viewer: 

The Windows logon process could not create a User Application. 

Application name:. Command line parameters: C: \ wsession \ logonsession.exe

1 - Your antivirus is blocking the process logonsession.exe.

This can happen if an update didn't go well. That is why it is recommended to deactivate your antivirus before installing TSPlus and set an exclusion rule on installation path is also highly recommended.

You will need to set an exclusion rule in your antivirus on the following paths:

C: \ Program Files (86) \ TSPlus and C: \ wsession


C: \ Program Files (x86) \ RDS-Tools


On client side the exclusion is to be set the following path:

C: \ Users \ Nameoftheuser \ RDP6


You will need your firewall to let TCP / UDP 443/80/3389 port opened for ingoing and outgoing traffic.


2 - Check that the services have launched and are running:

"Remote Desktop" 

"Application publishing"

"Application Publishing sessions"


3 - Edit the parameters of the "Remote Desktop" service and check that there is APS in the dependency tab: