AutoIT.exe is a completely "legit" download from TSplus download servers which can be:

  • either the download of the real setup itself (the downloaded setup is 600kb and is only a "launcher" which will download the real full setup of 100Mb)

  • either the download in the background of an update of the "kernel" of TSplus, which allows the client's server to be always up to date with respect to updates from Microsoft which could break compatibility with TSplus.

AutoIt is the name of one of the programming languages that we use to create the TSplus product, more particularly at the beginning TSplus was made in AutoIt. Today there are still a lot of "legacy" parts in this technology.

We do use the latest versions available and are not aware of any security issues - despite the many audits that some of our larger customers have done.

Please find below some important IP addresses to allow.

These are the addresses to open at the level of software and hardware firewalls  : License / telemetry : Updates : TSplus compatibility updates / Check for updates / View changelog

URL to allow for updates:

You will need your firewall to let TCP/ UDP 443/80/3389 port opened for ingoing and outgoing traffic.