Open Windows Defender Firewall 

    Advanced Settings, Inbound Rules 

    New Inbound rule on the right 

    Add the remote Port 3389 or whichever port you’re using locally 




    EndPoint Security Setup, Network 

    On the setting button on the right, click configure 

    Select Also evaluate rules from Windows Firewall. 






  • Alternatively, you can try this method :

  • Launch the ESET Smart Security application on your computer.
    Go to the ESET application's dashboard.
  • Press the 'F5' key on your keyboard to open the Advanced setup screen.
    Click the 'Network Protection' button and then select Firewall.
  • Choose the Interactive mode from the 'Filtering mode' drop-down list.
  • Click the OK button with the shield icon on it.
    Try to perform a remote desktop operation.
  • You should see an 'Outbound network traffic' notification from ESET Smart Security.
    Click the 'Create rule and remember permanently' radio button. Click Allow.
    Press the F5 key again to open the Advanced setup screen.
    Click Network Protection --> Firewall. Click Advanced-->Allowed Services.
    In older versions, click Personal Firewall-->Basic-->Edit.
    Click the + button beside Allowed Services. Toggle all the switches on.
Eset Smart Security Blocking Remote Desktop
  • Go to Network Protection --> Click Firewall --> set Filtering mode to 'Automatic mode.'
    Click OK --> OK --> close the window.
  • This completes the firewall exclusion procedure on the ESET application.