RemoteApp Web Client 

“RemoteApp Client” message boxes with an “error code” 


The screenshot below is an example of such a message box: 



Error code 701 

The user has tried to run RemoteAppClient.exe manually.

RemoteAppClient.exe is not intended to be run manually, it will only work when launched by a browser following a click on the “Log-on” button of a TSplus Web Portal. 


Error code 702 

The user has tried to browse to a URL starting by “remoteapp://” or “remoteapps://” by writing it manually and/or from a custom web page.

RemoteApp Client URLs are not intended to be browsed to directly. To use TSplus RemoteApp Web Client the user must click on the “Log-on” button of a TSplus Web Portal. 


Error code 703 

Check the version of the RemoteAppClient.exe file on the user workstation (in “C:\Users\xxx\RemoteApp”).

If the version number finishes by “.3” or lower: this error code shows that a corporate firewall is blocking the RemoteAppClient when it tries to request its connection parameters to the server.

To fix this issue, update TSplus to get a RemoteAppClient with a higher version, then install the RemoteApp client again on the users workstations (setup is downloadable from any TSplus server at http://server/RemoteAppClient/Setup-RemoteAppClient.exe).

If the version number finishes by “.4” or greater (some TSplus v8.40 and all TSplus starting with v8.50): this error code shows that the TSplus server has returned an empty text instead of the expected connection parameters.

First, try to login again. Then if it still does not work, try to browse to http://server/cgi-bin/hb.exe : you should see several digits separated by “:”.

If you get an empty page and/or an error, then there is a network/firewall issue preventing the users to contact the TSplus web server. 


Error code 704 

The server has explicitly refused the connection, because it did not find the matching connection parameters.

To fix this issue, check the writing rights of the web server (IIS user if you use IIS for instance) to the directory
“C:\Program Files (x86)\TSplus\Clients\www\cgi-bin\remoteapp\”. 


Error code 705 

The RemoteApp client tried to download a new version of itself, and an error occurred (most probably a network related error).

The easiest way to fix this issue is to manually update the RemoteApp client on the workstation, by downloading and running it directly.

The latest version is always downloadable from the TSplus server at http://server/RemoteAppClient/Setup-RemoteAppClient.exe.