User is always prompted for Windows credentials, although his credentials are saved in the Connection Client (XXX.connect file). As a result, the Connection Client seems to use every time the wrong password.

User's Connection Client is set up with the option "Allow me to save the credentials".  


Step 1

- delete the RDP6 folder on the client's machine: C:\Users\Username\RDP6

- create a new Connection Client for the user and make sure the password is correct,

- try again.

Step 2

On the user's machine:

- open the Control Panel> User Accounts on the user's machine,

- on the left, click on 'Manage your authentication information',

- in the new page, click on 'Windows credentials'.

- all information that starts with 'TERMSRV/' is about RDP connections.

- modify or delete the entry concerned,

- reboot the machine and try again.

Step 3

- copy the provided ConnectionClient.bin file in the user's RDP6 folder: C:\Users\Username\RDP6

- replace the original and set the properties to "Read Only".

- try again.