Make sure you did not install TSplus on a Windows 10 Home edition as the version 1803 and 1809 build are not supported. You will have to either revert to previous version of Windows or upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. 
If you installed TSplus on a server version of Windows, check that the RDS role is not installed, if that is the case, uninstall this role and reboot. Then reapply the latest update of TSplus and reboot again.

Your server should be accessible using either port 80/443/3389 depending on your connection method. You can try to connect from the console of the server by launching a mstsc.exe with in the address. If you can connect from the console but not from a remote location please check your router / firewalls to allow traffic.

If your system has connection issues and the above did not work, you will need to check the following :

- Process one reboot to verify if you the issue remains after restarting the system.

- Verify that your TSplus release is not a too old one.
For old release (5.xx and below) the TSplus technology cannot match with the latest version of Windows.

In such case, the solution is to update to the current release of TSplus.

- In case of incompatible Updates that has been installed on your system, the solution is to download and run the latest update on your server :

- With the AdminTool, verify the status of your TSplus license.
It is important to know if your issue is related to a TSplus license or to a Windows system problem.

If your current TSplus license is invalid you will need to install the latest TSplus update and activate a new valid one.

Open a windows explorer and locate the license.lic file in the following path C:\Program Files (x86)\TSplus\UserDesktop\files and apply your license again.

- If the above does not correspond to your issue, open a services.msc and make sure the "Application publishing service (APS) is running as well as the Remote Desktop Service. If the service is not running then it means another application is conflicting TSplus like skype or teamviewer. You may need to change TSplus port to another one that would be free to use. More information on port changing can be found here :

- You can verify the status of network running services by executing a netstat -nao command, any port with the status "Listening" means that the tcp port is currently used by another service. You can the identify which program is using one of these port by checking its PID and looking for it in the task manager. Open a task manager and sort all process by PID, then right click on the program and select "Open file location". This should give you some valuable information on the program responsible for this.