The usage scenarios are different!

It is a hard task to make the comparison between a way to secure the connection and a set of features (including ransomware protection) that ensure server security.

VPN connections can only be used in cases where the client machines and users are known.
In some cases, using a VPN and TSplus Advanced Security may be complementary.

Here are some of the features:


- A slower internet connection

- A client to install on each client machine

- Identifiers to be communicated to users and maintained over time

- The MCO (maintenance in operational condition) implies teams trained in network issues related to VPN

TSplus Advanced Security + 2FA

+ Connect from any device (allows BYOD scenarios - Bring Your Own Device)

+ Centralizes security administration on the server (easier maintenance)

+ The proposed features protect the server itself, the VPN only protects the connection.

+ The price