To get an idea of the number of users your server can support, regarding how they will work, please perform the following:

  • execute the necessary application (s) that you intend to publish to the users, and calculate the memory usage by the user session involved,

  • add at least 3 GB of RAM for server operation.

This operation will give an idea of how many sessions your server will support.


5 users will be using 3 applications: A, B and C.

A uses 200Mb, B uses 1Gb and  C uses 300Mb = a user requires 1,5 Gb of memory. 

5 users using 1,5Gb of memory = 7,5Gb

Add 3Gb for server operation = 10,5Gb is required, at least. 

Obviously it will also need substantial bandwidth, as well as IO disks.

Video card memory is also important.

You will find bellow the GPU prerequisites depending the number of monitors and the resolution :

Microsoft's recommendations for video memory allocation for RDP are as follows:

- In VGA mode (640x480) - 1 monitor: 1.20 MB per session - 2 monitors: 3.20 MB per session

- In WXGA mode (1280x800) - 1 monitor: 4 MB per session - 2 monitors: 12.50 MB per session

- In 1080p mode (1920x1080) - 1 monitor: 8 MB per session - 2 monitors: 25.40 MB per session

- In WQXGA mode (2560x1600) - 1 monitor: 16 MB per session - 2 monitors: 60 MB per session

- In UHD (4K) mode (3840x2160) - 1 monitor: 32 MB per session - 2 monitors: 78 MB per session

So if 5 users use dual monitor in 1920x1080, the required graphic memory will be 25.4*5 = 127mo

If the TSplus server is a virtual one, the same amount of memory needs to be allocated.

Please note that video card RAM (VRAM) is usually much faster than the RAM on your motherboard.

If you reallocate RAM for the video card, you will not gain the same performance.

If your current server does not have enough video memory, then you should consider adding/changing your current GPU.

By the way, TSplus can run headless on a server.

You don't need to connect a physical screen to the server.