To get an idea of the number of users your server can support, the following process can help - 

  • execute the necessary application(s) that you intend to publish to the users, then calculate the memory usage by the user session involved,

  • add at least 3 GB of RAM for server operation.

This operation will give an idea of how many sessions your server will support.


5 users will be using 3 applications: A, B and C.

A uses 200Mb, B uses 1Gb and  C uses 300Mb = a user requires 1,5 Gb of memory. 

5 users using 1,5Gb of memory = 7,5Gb

Add 3Gb for server operation = 10,5Gb is required, at least. 

Video card memory is also important.

You will find bellow the GPU prerequisites depending the number of monitors and the resolution :

Microsoft's recommendations for video memory allocation for RDP are as follows:

- In VGA mode (640x480) - 1 monitor: 1.20 MB per session - 2 monitors: 3.20 MB per session

- In WXGA mode (1280x800) - 1 monitor: 4 MB per session - 2 monitors: 12.50 MB per session

- In 1080p mode (1920x1080) - 1 monitor: 8 MB per session - 2 monitors: 25.40 MB per session

- In WQXGA mode (2560x1600) - 1 monitor: 16 MB per session - 2 monitors: 60 MB per session

- In UHD (4K) mode (3840x2160) - 1 monitor: 32 MB per session - 2 monitors: 78 MB per session

For 5 users with dual monitors set at 1920x1080, the required graphic memory will be 25.4*5 = 127MB