You will find below some general guidelines on how to print remotely with TSplus.

1- Universal Printer :

In order to print using the Universal Printer you need to use a generated connection client or the use of our web client and the edition Printer of TSplus or above.

The Universal Printer can be configured for three type of print job :

  • PDF preview on the local PDF reader : by printing remotely on the Universal Printer, the print job is converted to pdf and sent to the client, it will then be displayed in the local PDF reader of the client.
  • Select printer : by printing remotely on the Universal Printer, the print job is converted to pdf and sent to the client, a second print pop up will then appear with the choice of local printers.
  • Print on the default printer : This option is the best for those who do not wish to have a choice of where to print, by printing remotely on the Universal Printer, the print job is converted to pdf and sent to the client on the default printer.

You will find here will find more detailed information about this here :

We also have a tutorial video about this :

2- Printer redirection :

Using standard redirection can be tricky, because many prerequisites must be met in order for it to work. Printer redirection is not supported with the use of HTML5 and the TSplus Mobile App.

You need to install the exact same version of device drivers on client side and server side.

This means if your server is installed with 2012 x64 but your client computers are installed with Windows XP x32, you will need to add manually these drivers on your server by editing the print server properties and add x32 drivers for XP.

For best results, it is also recommended not to use USB printers but prefer COM or LPT printers.

If you are using USB printers, make sure you updated the RDP protocol of your client computer to 6 or above to ensure maximum compatibility with redirected printers.

Even with all this in mind exotic printers may not be suitable to be redirected in a TSplus session, therefore you may need to look into specific procedure to install these printers in RDS / terminal server environment, which is very close to TSplus in this case.

More information about printer redirection can be found here :

3- The Virtual Printer 

The virtual printer driver is ideal for RDP sessions and POS printing. 

This new add-on requires a one-time printer driver installation on each workstation. 
Universal Printer Driver does not require any installation on the client side.Universal Printer driver also works with HTML5. 

Virtual Printer is not supported with HTML5 connection. 
HTML5 doesn't really need this new driver.
Some users that insist on using RDP sessions, instead of the TSplus generated client like this add-on and we have been getting good feed back from these users. In addition, Virtual Printer driver can print directly to a local printer. This makes it ideal for receipt printers.
Install a trial version of the virtual printer driver and test for yourself. We are sure you will like it.

More information about the Virtual Printer setup and configuration can be found here :