Upgrading Remote Access allows you to add more users or more features.

To upgrade your license you will need to login to your Customer Portal : https://license.dl-files.com/logonc

Use your email address and an Order Number to login. 

In your Customer Portal: Find the license you wish to upgrade and click on the "upgrade license" button next to it.

Choose the upgrade you would like then click on the "buy" button.

You will be redirected to our website's checkout page. 

Once the upgrade is purchased, it will show in your Customer Portal. 

Then, click on the "details" button next to the upgraded license. 

And download the new license file. 

You can now activate it in your AdminTool the regular way.

To directly purchase an upgrade to your Remote Access Edition, please head to our store.

You will first need to contact us at support@tsplus.net and ask us for an UPGRADE CODE. We will need to know your original license's Edition and Number of Users.

Note that any upgrade purchased via our store will not be automatically applied to your license. 

You will need to contact us at support@tsplus.net and provide us with your upgrade purchase order and your license Serial Number. We will then manually upgrade your license for you.