1-  Introduction : 
Windows Seven allows you to easily deploy group policies to a single user or to non
administrator groups. We do not advise to apply a GPO to the administrator user or
administrator group as it can lead to unpredictable behaviors. Therefore we decline all
responsibilities and support in this matter.
2-  Procedure : 
Open an MMC console by clicking start, execute, mmc.exe

3-  Add a snap-in : 
Click on file, then select “Add/Remove Snap-in”

4-  Select Group Policy Object Editor : 
Click on “Group Policy Object Editor, and then click on the “Add >” button.

5-  Select the user or group to which the GPO will apply : 
Click Browse.

6-  Select the target : 
Choose the users or the non administrator group.


7-  Define the local strategies to be applied : 
Your administrative template is ready for configuration.

8-  Save your administrative template : 
Click on File / Save.

The result in video : https://youtu.be/ocWSt64v9V8