Antivirus Exclusions

Below are the recommended antivirus exclusions for TSPlus Remote Access. The default install location for TSPlus Remote Access is C:\Program Files (x86)\. If the default installation path has been modified on your server, please use the correct installation path for your environment:

TSplus Remote Access Server 

  • C:\Program Files (86)\TSplus
  • C:\wsession
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\TSplus-Security

Client Workstation

  • C:\wsession and C:\Users\%username%\RDP6

Firewall Exclusions

  • IP Addresses:,, 
  • - check for updates (may use FTP protocol as well)
  • * - is mainly used to check the TSplus kernel (svcmain) version and update it.
  • * - used for license activation, refresh, and rehosting.
  • TCP / UDP ports 443, and 80 ports are open for incoming and outgoing traffic to your Tsplus server (may vary if you have changed the default port numbers). Additionally, TCP Ports 19955 and 19956 for incoming and outgoing between your gateway and application servers if you have a farm configuration.