The issue

> When I test logon tickets I can login with the ticket that is created (very nice), but load balancing seems to be ignored - the session always opens up on the gateway machine.  Is there any way to use login tickets and get the same load balancing functionality as the main landing page?


Logon Ticket creation on the Gateway Server

You can create a logon ticket on the gateway with:


But it will only allow you to connect on the gateway server itself.


Logon Ticket creation on an Application Server

You can also create a logon ticket on a reverse-proxified application server with:


(assuming ~~srv4 is the internal name of the application server as configured in TSplus reverse-proxy)

But it will only allow you to connect on this specific application server.


Logon Ticket and Load-Balancing

So if you want to use logon tickets and load-balancing, you might want to do an additional HTTP request first:


This will return an answer like this one:

loadbalancing-on|APP SERVER 4||https|443|


You can parse this answer to retrieve the application server on which TSplus Load-Balancer would recommend you to connect this specific user.

i.e. it will recommend the less-loaded server on your TSplus farm, if sticky sessions are enabled on your TSplus gateway, it will take existing active sessions into account, etc.


You can then create a logon ticket on this specific application server and connect to user to it.

This is precisely the http request done on TSplus Web Portal logon page.


Using a Logon Ticket to Open a User Session

Now that you have a valid logon ticket, you can open a user session using this ticket by opening a browser window to this URL:*xxxxxxxx

where “xxxxxxxx” is the logon ticket.