If you use Clipboard menu please notice there is big difference between these two buttons.

1. To IME - doesn't use ClipBoard but tries its best to convert the input to keyboard input sequence, this option is helpful if you want to insert passwords where the ClipBoard was not yet initiated or ClipBoard input else not accepted, as example in logon screen.

Remember, it depends on system if char input will work as expected since fast typing inside Windows system may be considered as error and so text input could be truncated by Windows system forcibly that can't be affected by client side behavior. Do not use this button for long text data! Remember always, even carriage return gets converted by Unicode translation which may differ from finally expected result on target application side. Please use always "To clip" whenever it is possible!

2. To Clip - equals to button Ctrl+V sequence, firstly the text gets sent to servers clipboard where after the Ctrl+V button sequence gets executed for final adding clip data to target application if any editable field of target application got focus.