Here are the few points to check out if TSplus Web Access is not available on your server :

   1. TSplus uses its own web server, make sure that HTTP and HTTPS (80 and 443) ports are not already
        used by another service.
        Start as admin cmd.exe > netstat -anb
        and make sure nothing else except html5service.exe takes default ports 80 and 443
        As example Skype could take port 80 and 443 as well, or IIS or one of IIS based services, so go sure it is not your case!

   2. Make sure that your firewall (software or hardware) isn't blocking port 80 and/or port 443.

   3. Sometimes things can go wrong in your Java installation, this component is required to be installed on your
       TSplus server for your web access to work fine.
       Java can be (re)installed here : 
       The 64 bits Windows Offline (64-bit) version is recommended.

   4. Always make sure to install latest release of TSplus available here as we correct bug on a daily basis,
       making our software always better and more compatible.

If you still did not solve the issue by checking the steps above then when creating support ticket
A: provide output of execution result from step 1. netstat -anb
B: provide output of file *\Clients\webserver\weblog.txt and/or *\Clients\webserver\web_log.txt if present.