Each time TSplus starts the HTML5 gateway it generates automatically the file *\Clients\webserver\runwebserver.bat
Let's assume you want to change the default starting parameters on example below.

@"C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_131\bin\HTML5service.exe" -Djdk.tls.ephemeralDHKeySize=matched -Djdk.tls.rejectClientInitiatedRenegotiation=true -Dorg.jboss.netty.epollBugWorkaround=true -XX:+UseG1GC -XX:+AggressiveOpts -XX:MinHeapFreeRatio=10 -XX:MaxHeapFreeRatio=10 -cp "%~dp0httpwebs.jar" -Duser.dir="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\TSplus\\Clients\\www" com.jwts.socketjw.NSIOServer 80 443 secret secret -81 22 3389 >weblog.txt

1. following is the path to Java executable belonging to each Java version.
@"C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_131\bin\HTML5service.exe"
TSplus makes the copy of original "java.exe" and renames it to "HTML5service.exe" to distinguish own process from other java.exe processes.

2. following are start parameters for Java virtual machine
    -Djdk.tls.ephemeralDHKeySize=matched > increases SSL security by enforcing strength of DHK key size
    -Djdk.tls.rejectClientInitiatedRenegotiation=true > increases SSL security
    -Dorg.jboss.netty.epollBugWorkaround=true > Java TCP forever loop bug workaround on some buggy systems.
    -XX:+UseG1GC > force usage of new garbage collector
    -XX:+AggressiveOpts > use aggressive options to increase speed
    -XX:MinHeapFreeRatio=10 -XX:MaxHeapFreeRatio=10 > change behavior when Java should give free memory back to the system. Usually Java doesn't give memory back to system once it was used for Java to avoid memory reallocation.

3. locally executed Java archive, no need to change> -cp "%~dp0httpwebs.jar"
4. following is the path to main www folder that may be changed inside AdminTool GUI
   -Duser.dir="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\TSplus\\Clients\\www"

5. locally executed Java program from archive in step 3.> com.jwts.socketjw.NSIOServer

6. parameters for initial start> 80 443 secret secret -81 22 3389
    A: 80 443 = the ports where HTML5 client listens, may be changed in AdminTool GUI, ssl is allowed by default on both.

    B: secret secret = default passwords for private key inside cert.jks and for keystore self cert.jks
         It can not be changed from AdminTool GUI

   C: -81 tells to forward recognized http traffic to internal http WebServer, any negative number just tells
         to use automatically chosen port, by positive number as example 81 the http traffic
         will be forwarded to the given third part webserver. When using third part webserver TSplus fixed this IP port 
         value to 81 so if wished to use another port (as example 12345) then there is no way around
         than to change it in runwebserver.bat

    D: 22 default IP and port for forwarding internal SSH traffic, it is there for backward compatibility since
         TSplus does not anymore use SSH to encrypt traffic.

    E: 3389 default IP and port to connect to RDP server.
         the IP part (except port part) in this setting can not be changed from AdminTool GUI.
         This setting affects how the RDP forwarder works, when RDP traffic recognized on ports 80/443 then
         it gets forwarded to the given default IP and port. And additionally if customer omits the server value and it
         stays empty inside index.html > var server = ""; then as default this setting is prefered too.
         Changing this IP or port to not existing values will disable ability to forward traffic and use it as default
         for HTML5 client.

7. >weblog.txt default output for (error)messages in weblog.txt

IMPORTANT NOTICE: when ever you change runwebserver.bat remember that AdminTool GUI automatically writes default settings in this file. To avoid that your settings get overwritten by TSplus AdminTool GUI set Read-only attribute on runwebserver.bat file!
IMPORTANT: remember, if you have set Read-only attribute then TSplus GUI won't be able anymore to change default settings and in case if you update to newer Java version you must firstly remove Read-only attribute and restart HTML5gateway, afterwards redo all changes again manually.