In order to get a "green padlock" in your web-brower on a TSplus Web Access page, you will need a valid SSL certificate and access your domain by HTTPS address, as example Valid SSL certificates can be purchased from a lot of hosting/domain name providers such as GoDaddy, Verisign, Comodo, kSoftware, etc.

Starting with version 9.20, Terminal Service Plus provides an easy to use feature to generate a free and valid SSL certificate.
In 3 mouse clicks you will get a secured valid certificate, renewed automatically, and configured automatically in Terminal Service Plus built-in web server.
This feature uses Let's Encrypt to provide a free and secure SSL certificate for your HTTPS connections.
More information about this new feature can be found here: Free Certificate Manager

Prerequisites necessary to get the free certificate for your domain
A: you need full qualified domain (example, or, or etc.) If you have only IP (example, or etc.) then either buy domain or check the link signing IP
B: your server with TSplus installed and with properly configurated webserver must be accessible from internet on port 80by calling your domain by HTTP protocol (example, or etc.) (Go sure HomeLand IP protection is not causing your server to be inaccessible by Let's Encrypt else you will fail) If you use different port than 80 then you will fail. If you enforce SSL forwarding on port 80 then you will fail too, however Let's Encrypt claims to support forwarding now. More about you will find in Free Certificate Manager
C: your DOMAIN must point to IP of TSplus server and not to unspecified server that does not have TSplus installed!
D: your DOMAIN must match the IP that refers to your TSplus server.
E: your DOMAIN should not point to dynamical domain services like Dyndns since prohibited by Let's Encrypt, however that is not a must since few dynamic domain services are still supported by Let's Encrypt but we do not maintain such list. 

Please consider following points
1. TSplus does not sell DOMAINS and does not sell SSL Certificates!
2. TSplus supports only one certificate per domain pointing to same server at time, handling auto-generation of certificates for several domains pointing to same server at time is not actually supported!
3. TSplus does not provide support in setting up your DNS infrastructure to point your DNS DOMAIN NAME to IP of your TSplus server, contact your network specialist or your domain seller directly!
Support-ticket requests regarding these 1-3 points will be rejected!