This part describes how to disable specific SSL protocols or ciphers to increase potential security if you wish to disable as example TLSv1 and/or TLSv1.1 etc.
Before continue first of all consider that you have installed latest Java version, if you use old Java6/7 versions then be aware they support such ciphers that are considered as unsecure nowdays!

1. locate folder ***\Clients\webserver\

2. create if not existing and open then with Notepad the file named \Clients\webserver\tls.bin

3. if wished to disable specific ciphers add these comma separated
SSL_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_MD5, TLSv1, TLSv1.1, SSLv3
and so on..

4. Now save it and restart the server in GUI (and check *\Clients\webserver\web_log.txt, it will show updated status of disabled protocols or ciphers).

Notice: Enabled ciphers and protocols are logged to *\Clients\webserver\web_log.txt

PS: this change affects only TSplus server SSL functionality, if you use some art of reverse proxy functionality where such services play the role of SSL decrypters then this option won't affect there the ciphers in any desired form, so refer to FAQ guides of these third part services.