IMPORTANT NOTICE: disabling RDP forwarding on HTML5/Webserver server ports will stop the usage of RDP protocol on same port with Websockets and HTTP protocol. That means, to continue usage of RemoteApp feature you must configure RemoteApp client access to be connected to real RDP port directly. As example instead port 443 then directly access RDP port 3389. In some use cases of load balancing the RDP port must be changed to avoid access tries on disabled RDP forwarding ports.

To disable RDP forwarding from HTML5/Webserver ports.

1. locate and open/edit(create) *\Clients\webserver\settings.bin

2. and add/save as next line:

3. restart HTML5 in AdminTool GUI to make the change effective.

After restart in *\Clients\webserver\weblog.txt you should see following message: RDP forwarding disabled!
which would mean that setting was accepted.

Additionally if you wish you may still connect by RDP cookie challenge described in this FAQ "How to improve RDP security when forwarding from 80/443?"