TSplus works in a VPN tunnel.
TSplus doesn't feature any VPN component in it's distant access solution.


  • We don't provide any kind of support or documentation regarding VPN.
  • We don't provide any VPN solution, neither do we recommend any VPN solution for now.

Because many issues can emerge regarding the complexity of the setup, we don't usually recommend using VPNs.
If you want to VPN with TSplus, we can't help you.

TSplus and VPNs are different tools for different purposes and do not depend from each other.

A VPN is virtual private network, meaning that a third software creates a virtual network card on your PC, and this network card gets an IP from from the remote network area so as if your computer would be then part of that network.

If you just want to make the remote network environment available on your client side through RDP (as long rdp as the session is active, usually achieved by simulating the network card with the IP of your remote environment network) then such feature is unfortunatelly not supported by Tsplus.

If the VPN module does not handle automatic reconnection, or if it comes too late, then there will be no automatic reconnection of the RDP connection

If the remote computer that you are connecting has already a connection to it's own network, therefore it makes no sense to use a VPN in this case.

In all cases, TSplus needs 3389 + 80 + 443 open in both ways, TCP and UDP.