If you require our support team help with a remote assistance on your server our favorite solution is to use TSplus. To do so, send us a mail with the WAN IP address, port number, login/password/domain of your system as well as a short description of your expectation.

Alternatively, we use a remote desktop sharing tool named SUPPORT.EXE. This tool can sometime be detected as false positive within Antivirus software, you will need allow it to run.

When you will be available for a remote sharing session, send us a mail to verify that we are also able to handle it.

      (1)    Download and start http://download.dnsalias.net/support.exe

      (2)    Mail us your Client ID at support@tsplus.net and start the client

      (3)    When I will receive your ID I will be able to ask for a connection (and you will have to approve it)