We are pleased to deliver to our customer an excellent product at an affordable price. 

TSPlus is our product : we own 100% of its source code and we have invested over 10 men/year to develop it. 
This is why we have no problem to license it and to maintain it for years. 

The US Army, U.C.L.A., the Ministry of Justice in France, the Police of New-York and Paris, U.C.L.A, hundreds of law firms and chartered accounts are using TSPlus for years.

TSPlus does not use TSE and on W2008 the TS role and the TS Licensing role shall not be installed. 
According to commercial laws, no one can oblige a customer to purchase something that he is not going to use.

Anyone is allowed to use VNC, Apache web server, LogMeIn or TSplus to directly or indirectly access a Windows system and to interact with the graphical user interface without purchasing TS CALS. 
Nevertheless, freedom is common shared worldwide value and you are free to decide what is the best decision for your business.