We have tens of thousands customers in production and this is one of the reason why they are satisfied.
 A TSPlus server is a production system.
As a general good practice, it is not advised to install anything without a good reason on a production server, you are supposed to know the content of what you are installing and the potential impact it could have on the application stack installed on the system.
Today, Google, SUN, Adobe, Microsoft, anti-virus editors and many others are pushing tens of MB of software (bugs included) into systems all over the world, without any notice and without any control of the system administrator. What is the price of that? You never know on Monday if your production system will be identical and it's behavior is becoming unpredictable. More, a large part of the computer resources is used by these functionalities and the performances are decreasing month after month.

For the Microsoft Firewall, it is one of the most useless Windows piece of code: The firewall rules must be set (and are always set as default) on the Network Router (at the door between your LAN and you WAN). Again, in our current IT landscape, we often see bad architecture where you have Microsoft Firewall, plus Anti-virus Firewalls, plus network equipment Firewall, plus DSL Firewall in the same LAN, using 30% of the network bandwidth just to avoid the users to be able to work and to do what you want them to do. Do you need a Firewall? Yes for sure. Do you need 10 Firewall on your LAN? Not at all; it is hard to administrate and it cost a lot of resources and is absolutely useless.
We added several registry to limit this disaster, and guess what, we have highly increase the stability and the performance of our customer systems doing this simple thing.
I hope you understand this. It is based on our 17 years experience focused in the successful deployment of Thin-Client architecture.