TSplus requires to start its logon process each time a session is opening. This logon process is checking the user rights, the application to be started, what kind of connection client is requesting this session, what will be the TSplus requested temp folders for the Universal printer.
 So, it is important to start this logon process.
 Windows allows two kind of methods to start a logon program prior anything else:
- The TSplus logon process is started by the RDP startup program : "Use TSplus shell when opening sessions (default)"

- The TSplus logon process is started by the session manager startup program : Use native Windows shell when opening sessions."

 For years, TSplus was using the first method. It is a field proven one and we recommend to use it as it is our preferred method.
However, we introduce with the 8.10 the ability for the administrator to switch to the second method. For some application like Click Once and Chrome browser, the use of the session startup program is better because such application has not been designed to work within RDP session and failed to start.
According to our experience, various cases requires to use the second method.