TSplus version comes with structural changes in the CGI component to help improve security-related features. These changes requires manual configuration of the IIS Web server if relevant.


If your TSplus server has been updated to version or greater and is configured to use IIS Web server, then updating IIS settings is required. Please consider following the configuration steps below to ensure your TSplus server works properly. 


TSplus CGI component is involved in various features, such as authentication, applications and servers assignments and load balancing. Therefore, you might experience difficulties with one or several of the following features if IIS settings are not updated accordingly: Web Portal, Reverse proxy, Mobile Applications, Load Balancing.

Configuration steps

  • Access the IIS management console
  • Expand the list below your server name, expand the Sites menu. Then, expand the Default Website and click on the cgi-bin virtual directory.

  • From the /cgi-bin Home panel, double click on Handler Mappings to display the list of available handler mappings.
  • From the list of handler mappings, double click on CGI-exe. The Add Module Mapping pop-up appears.
  • Then, search the hb.exe executable from the Executable property box and click OK.

  • A prompt for confirmation may appear. Click OK to allow this ISAPI extension.

  • From the /cgi-bin Home panel, click on CGI to open the CGI properties.

  • Change the value of Use New Console For Each Invocation property to True. Then, click Apply to save the changes.

  • Restart IIS.